NOTICE – the Mausoleum elevator is currently out of service

The Mausoleum elevator has been in use and operating on the original circuit board system since 1973. The hydraulic cylinder which lifts the cart was replaced in 2011. The interior was renovated in 2014, and the renovation included a new ceiling, LED lighting, side panels, and floor tile.

We had been experiencing the elevator shutting down several times a day. While we were able to reset the elevator by resetting the switch, it was decided that it would be in the best interest and safety of the public to shut down the elevator entirely.

We are now faced with replacing or modernizing the entire elevator control circuit system. This is no small task and unfortunately the repair project was delayed because of the extreme cost.

The Archdiocese of Newark requires that we get at least two bids for this project – each bid took 3 weeks to complete and submit. TKE, our current elevator service provider, had the lowest bid and has been awarded the contract to do the modernization. In addition, there are other services and third-party work that are required which are out of the scope of the contract.

We are using Beck Electric to work with TKE during the process, as well as Verizon to add a direct line in the Elevator Machine Room. We have contracted with AC Daughtry, our Fire and Smoke Alarm company, to do the required fire/smoke alarm work.

TKE was on site surveying and taking measurements the week of March 8th – the second part of a multi-step process. This is part of the survey and ordering of materials process which can take 4 – 6 weeks. Next will be the fabrication of the materials which can take 9 weeks. The fabrication and delivery of the parts can be adversely impacted by the supply chain. The actual modernization of the elevator system can take 5 – 7 weeks.

Unfortunately, the modernization/repair is really beyond our control. We ask for your continued patience and understanding during this delay.

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