Saturday Inurnments of Cremated Human Remains

Because of limited parking and shortened workday, all Saturday inurnments must follow the following guidelines.

  1. All paperwork, presentation of burial privilege certificate, singed authorization, cremation certificate and payment in full must be completed 10 minutes before the time allotted for the inurnment.
  2. There will be only three time slots available: 9-9:20 am; 9:30-9:50 am; and 10-10:20 am. Only exception will be made for a Mass at 9:30 am at the Church on the Hill. 
  3. The cost (subject to change) for a Saturday inurnment in a niche is $1,200.
  4. The cost (subject to change) for a Saturday inurnment in a grave is $1,400.

The allotted times are so that families will be able to have privacy during the entire burial process. Grieving family members who are unable to visit during the regular workweek do so more on Saturdays.

Please note that because of our small cemetery staff, these dates and times may be subject to cemetery personnel availability.  We ask for your full cooperation. Please be conscientious of other families that will be inurning their deceased loved ones.

This change has been enacted due to the increase in cremation burial requests. We are doing our best to accommodate all of our Parishioners’ requests, as well as all who are requesting to bury their deceased loved ones.

Returns Policy

Effective immediately, there will be a 25% administrative fee charged on the original purchase price of all crypts, niches, and graves that are returned to the cemetery. This fee is not in addition to any contracts that are already subject to a 25% administrative fee.

Note: Families only own the right of entombment/inurnment/interment to crypts/niches/graves in Madonna Cemetery & Mausoleum. All returns must be made back to the Madonna Cemetery & Mausoleum. It is against the rules and regulations of the Archdiocese of Newark and Madonna Cemetery & Mausoleum to sell burial privileges to crypts, niches, and graves privately.